Weinböhla, the Community of Weinböhla is located approximately 20 km north west from Dresden in the district Meißen.

Number of inhabitants: 10,400
total area: 1,901 hectars

Location and relevance
Weinböhla lies in the midst of the art and culture landscape of the upper Elb valley - Dresden, Meißen and Moritzburg are only few kilometers away.

Weinböhla was mentioned for the first time in 1349/50 in the tenure book of Friedrich the Strict as "Bel". The place is called Weinböhla since 1513, due to the climatically favoured south slope situation wine was cultivated already at that time.

Traffic connection
Weinböhla has a direct regional railway connection to Dresden, Leipzig, Elsterwerda and Cottbus; tram connection to Dresden, Radebeul and Coswig (line 4) as well as bus connection to Meissen and Moritzburg.

Living and land development
In the year 1990 Weinböhla had begun to create a modern infrastructure by extensive construction measures to reorganize the old local centre and to convert a new traffic concept. These measures were in the meantime completed to a large extent.

The reorganization of the town hall square, comfortable hotels, guest houses and leisure facilities as well as a multiplicity of new housebuilding let the location become constantly more attractive for guests and inhabitants. After the reconstruction of the central hotel and the completion of the "Nassauhalle" a meeting centre with supraregional meaning is available in the heart of the town.

Weinböhla develops ever more to a place in the character of a garden city. Good clear air, wonderful blossoming season in the spring and the adjacent spacious forest "Friedewald" make recreation, peace and relaxation possible. In the shops and markets of the town the inhabitants and visitors receive quite everything that is used for living.

Culture and recreation
The cultural centre of the place is the culture house "Zentralgasthof". A broadly varied offer, which reaches from book readings over cabaret and Rock concerts up to symphony concerts, is offered to the visitor here.

From the three observation towers, the "König Albert Turm", the "Friedensturm" (peace tower) and the "Wartturm" one has a great view across the community, as well as the "Fuchsberg" (fox mountain) between Weinböhla and Coswig.

Worth seeing above all is also the historical "Weinböhla vineyard" with the local history museum. The vineyard and the surrounding yards are each year on the first September weekend the centre of the winegrower and Street celebration, who enjoy increasing popularity.

Hiker, cyclists and horsemen can spread out into the Elb valley or into the forest "Friedewald"

Hotels, holiday homes and hostels as well as traditional and new restaurants invite to stay.

For info can be found in the Weinböhla tourist information (see below).

Learning and education
In the town is a primary and secondary school.

Author: Dieter Höntsch

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On this Homepage you will find more extensive informationen about the present and past of the community of Weinböhla.

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